10 Reasons Why You Should Bid for Tenders !

  1. A public sector organisation cannot go bust.
  2. Repeat business – you are more likely to win repeat business as an “approved supplier" of an organisation.
  3. Payment is generally very prompt.
  4. References – examples of public sector work are highly regarded.
  5. Frequent opportunities - there are over 4000 UK organisations required to publicly tender their procurement opportunities.
  6. Extra opportunities for SMEs – many tenders are specifically marked "SME friendly".
  7. Low value tenders often don’t use the bid process, instead requiring interested suppliers to simply quote.
  8. Many organisations operate a "once only" registration process for suppliers.
  9. The bid process is completely transparent.
  10. Discover how to improve your bids – the buyer will tell bidders why their bid was unsuccessful (when requested).

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