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R&D/030/P-209 High Pressure Cleaning System Components JUST CLOSED

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Tender Description

We are seeking suppliers for the development of a high-pressure cleaning system with 3 lots:-
Lot 3 - Electrical cables and hoses
Lot 5 - Rotor Jet RD Masterjet Jetting Bombs
Lot 6 - Multi-Tool Valves

Tender categories (products & services required)

Pressurised water cleaning apparatus (CPV 42924730)
High-pressure cleaning apparatus (CPV 42924740)
Parts of cleaning machines (CPV 42972000)
Miscellaneous cleaning machines (CPV 42995000)
Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; lighting (CPV 31000000)
Electrical equipment and apparatus (CPV 31600000)
Electrical parts of machinery or apparatus (CPV 31670000)
Electrical supplies and accessories (CPV 31680000)
Electrical components (CPV 31681400)
Electrical materials (CPV 31681410)
Valves and tubes (CPV 31711400)
Parts of electronic valves and tubes (CPV 31711530)
Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances (CPV 42130000)
Valves defined by function (CPV 42131100)
Pressure-reducing, control, check or safety valves (CPV 42131140)
Pressure-reducing valves (CPV 42131141)


Yorkshire and the Humber (UKE)

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