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The DHSC-funded and Public Health England (PHE) led International Health Regulations (IHR) strengthening project aims to improve IHR compliance by developing public health systems and building capacity and expertise in five Official Development Assistance (ODA)-eligible countries.

This project will set out an analysis of the regional, and multinational institutions which are key to global health security in the Asia, Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The institutional stakeholder and political economy analysis will include consideration of stakeholder's structures, strategic priorities, political history, the legislation governing them, their impact and track record, and their interrelationships with other key partners at a regional level.

- The work will be a desk-based research exercise incorporating a literature and document review, virtual interviews with project leads and with relevant stakeholders.

- It will will take in to account best practice in the production of stakeholder and political economy analyses, with reference to the appropriate research literature.

- It will make use of appropriate frameworks and models (e.g. SWOT, PESTL or salience models).

- The work is also likely to link in with the networks which the International Health Regulations Project team have already established in the countries and regions in which they are working. The supplier will therefore need to engage with IHR strengthening project colleagues in connecting with these networks.

PHE is looking for a Supplier who can meet the technical skills as set out in the tender specification and the Invitation to Tender questionnaire, please refer to Bravo e-tendering portal for more details.

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Data analysis services (CPV 72316000)
Research services (CPV 73110000)


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Public Health England