Tender Notice

Provision of Clinical Skills Models JUST CLOSED

Buying Organisation

The University of Nottingham

Published Date


Deadline for Submissions



£60,000 to £100,000

Tender Description

The University requests tenders from sufficiently experienced and qualified suppliers to establish a contract agreement for the provision of Clinical Skills Models for the Clinical Skills Unit .
The contract has been divided into 17 lots as follows:

Lot 1 Abdominal Trainer Venepuncture Arms (including IV).

Lot 2 Adult Airway Model

Lot 3 Adult IO Manikin

Lot 4 Adult Tracheostomy Care

Lot 5 Baby Airway Model

Lot 6 Child airway model

Lot 7 Child Venepuncture Arm

Lot 8 Digital Ear Examination

lot 9 Digital Eye Examination

Lot 10 - Elbow Injection Model

Lot 11 - Feeding tube simulator

Lot 12 - Hand and Wrist Model

Lot 13 - Injection Trainer

Lot 14 - Knee Injection Model

Lot 15 - Newborn Vascular Access

Lot 16 - Shoulder Injection

Lot 17 - Venepuncture Arm

Tender categories (products & services required)

Medical equipments (CPV 33100000)


United Kingdom (UK)

Buyer Information

Buying Organisation

The University of Nottingham