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Expression of interest for the delivery of Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programmes in Kent, Surrey and Sussex JUST CLOSED

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In response to the demand pressures as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic Cafcass are looking for a provider to deliver interventions to Domestic Abuse Perpetrators in Private Law Family Court proceedings in Kent Surrey & Sussex.

The interventions will need to:
promote safe child arrangements and aim to reduce and manage risk to victims and children
address abusive behaviours and hold perpetrators to account
include an integrated victim safety and support service (ISS) which offer proactive engagement with all ex partners and current partners
offer a suitability assessment, including a motivational element to explore denial, resistance and amenability to change with a view to maximum engagement with the programme.
Be capable of meeting diversity requirements of participants.
Be evidence based.
Be delivered in-person / on a face to face basis.

Potential providers should submit expressions of interest via the Cafcass e-procurement portal providing details of accreditation and the programmes available https://procontract.due-north.com/Login. By Wednesday 15 September 2021 at 5:00pm The provider will need to be Respect accredited or deliver a Correctional Services Advice & Accreditation Panel (CSAAP) accredited programme.
It is anticipated that the requirement will continue until March 2023, the overall number of interventions required is unknown and no commitment to volume will be given. For 2020/21 there were 30 referrals - this is for information only and is not indicative of future demand

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Health and social work services (CPV 85000000)


North East (UKC)

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