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Floating Offshore Wind - Risk to Project Development - People, Skills and Vocations JUST CLOSED

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Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

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The purpose of this project is to identify risks to FOW project development with this part focusing on the people, skills and vocation side.

Identify and assess the future requirements for key resources for FOW project delivery, specifically in terms of human resources (people, skills and vocations), between now and 2040 based on high, medium and low deployment scenarios that will be provided by ORE Catapult;

Consideration of whole FOW project life cycle - development, construction, operation and maintenance, decommissioning;

Make an assessment on other industries, such as but not limited to the Fixed Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas, Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage and any other relevant sectors, if they are in growth or decline and how they will impact people and the skills workforce in the FOW sector;

Assess, and where possible quantify, the existing availability and capabilities of people within the sectors;

Assess and provide a detailed breakdown of the key skills and vocations required in the sector, highlighting areas to focus development;

Assess the breakdown on sex, age and race within the industry and highlight ways to improve the mix of personnel within the sector;

Identify areas where and when significant supply vs demand issues may result in significantly increased costs and / or reduced availability of workforce skills;

Identify and describe activities which would help address the issues identified above, including collaborative and cross-industry opportunities;

Highlight skills development opportunities associated with FOW, including reference to its role supporting the energy (skills) transition;

Make an assessment of the opportunities for people directly employed by FOW throughout all lifecycle stages, onshore at the quayside, onboard vessels and elsewhere offshore in terms of Full Time Equivalent (FTE).

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Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services (CPV 71000000)
Research and development services and related consultancy services (CPV 73000000)
Analysis services (CPV 71620000)


North East (UKC)

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Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult