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Liverpool City Council (The Council) is seeking a provider of a professional Hard Facilities Management (FM) Services Solution that delivers high quality services across its estate, that achieve value for money, statutory compliance and contributes positively to protecting the brand integrity of The Council.

The Council is seeking a collaborative, partnership approach to delivering these services.

The Service Provider is expected to recognise and actively deliver on the below key requirements:

- Delivery of a High Quality and Tailored Hard FM Services solution for The Council's portfolio of properties. The nature of the estate demands a flexibility in accommodating the increase and decrease of property on an ongoing basis without detriment to the Services.
- Working in collaboration with The Council to ensure a Statutorily Compliant and Safe Environment is clearly demonstrable across the portfolio of properties.
- To deploy techniques, equipment, innovation and contract management that result in a consistent outcome that meets the required standards.
- To deliver a solution that through a genuine best value approach derives an economical and efficient service arrangement for The Council.
- All Services shall be performed in a manner that minimises disruption to the working environment, the internal maintenance teams, the staff, visitors and members of the public, whilst ensuring optimal productivity and utilisation of resources.
- To proactively recognise and promote the Social Responsibilities as defined within The Council's Fair City Policy, alongside the Service Providers own policy.
- To integrate seamlessly with The Council's Strategic Delivery of Services, adopting the Concerto Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) System as the single Data Centre for all information produced as a result of the Services Delivered.

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Building and facilities management services (CPV 79993000)


North East (UKC)

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