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This is a review of a campaign finishing in June 2022. WWF and Sodexo UK&I launched a new pilot of Finer Diner at the start of 2022. Previously focussing on universities, the success led to a desire to create a self-delivered, school-focused concept, encouraging pupils, catering teams, and teaching staff within secondary schools catered by Sodexo, to engage more with plant-based eating. As a result, Plant+ by Finer Diner was created and launched in 15 secondary schools across England, focusing on putting plant-based variations on students' favourite, familiar dishes, whilst communicating and educating on the environmental benefits - within a secondary school environment - of eating more plant-based meals.
The project has the following aims:
Raise the awareness of the impact of diets on "People and Planet" of secondary school students and staff (teachers and catering managers) through the promotion of the environmental benefits of eating more plant-based meals
Empower students and staff to eat a more plant-based diet for the benefit of themselves and the planet and inspire them to take an active role as citizens in a shift towards more plant-based diets through a pledge-based approach
Increase the number of plant-based meals provided in school meal offer

The purpose of the evaluation is to review the success of the pilot campaign Plant+ by Finer Diner, with a focus on the implementation of the project across the participating schools and identifying potential next steps. The evaluation will cover the full project implementation period, from January 2021 until its expected finalisation in June 2022. The results of the evaluation will be used by WWF and Sodexo to determine and develop the next phase of this project.

Key deliverables:
1. Project management - An initial (virtual) inception meeting will be held to agree details of the project, practical considerations such as timelines, project milestones and communication. Communication with WWF will be regular and include email, Zoom, and telephone communications as required.
2. Desk research - Desk research of project documents, outputs and relevant projects, supplied by WWF and creative agency.
3. Interviews and workshop(s) - Organising and conducting interviews and workshop(s) with relevant stakeholders via WWF and Sodexo.
4. Final report - Final analysis to be delivered as a report (10-15 pages) and a slide deck highlighting outcomes, learnings, insights and recommendations for next steps.

Interested parties should send their letter of intent with the relevant documents as detailed above to the contact below by email not later than June 24, 2022, at 23.00 GMT.
Please send a copy of your proposal for this work to:
Cathrine Baungaard, Food Service Sustainability Advisor
email: cbaungaard@wwf.org.uk Email subject : FINER DINER REVIEW CONSULTANCY

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Research and experimental development services (CPV 73100000)
Research and development consultancy services (CPV 73200000)
Design and execution of research and development (CPV 73300000)


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