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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - Duct cleaning JUST CLOSED

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London Borough Of Islington

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Deep clean and disinfection of the internal surfaces of the supply and extract ductwork systems serving the Islington Waste Recycling centre in accordance with BESA TR/19
To provide photographic evidence of before and after works
Drawing numbers which can be found on SharePoint ; 0171_M_601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609 and 610 Inclusive
System numbers that require cleaning:
AHU 1, AHU 2, AHU 3, AHU 4, AHU 5, AHU 6, AHU7, SF/AHU 8, SF/AHU 9, SF/AHU 10, SF/AHU 11, EF14, EF1B, EF3, EF3B, NLWA, EF4A, EF4B, EF/AHU 5, EF6/EF7, EF/AHU 8 (also recorded as fan No 10) EF9, EF10, EF11, EF12, EF13, EF14, EF15, EF/AHU 16, EF/AHU 17, EF18, EF19, EF20, EF21, EF22, EF23, Ef24, EF25, EF26, EF27, Ef28, EF29, EF30, EF31, EF32, EF33, EF34, EF35, EF36, EF37, EF38, EF39, EF40, Ef41, EF42, Ef43, EF44, EF45, EF46, EF47, EF48 and EF50 working continuously
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Tender categories (products & services required)

Repair and maintenance services (CPV 50000000)


North East (UKC)

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Buying Organisation

London Borough Of Islington

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