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BBV HS2 MWCC North - BROT IS - Shaft excavation and Internal civil works - OMa JUST CLOSED

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Balfour Beatty VINCI (BBV) are constructing the HS2 main works civils contract in area North.

Bromford Tunnel Intermediate Shaft - Shaft excavation and Internal civil works

We are looking to engage with the relevant supply chain to undertake the excavation works associated with the Bromford Tunnel Intermediate Shaft as well as the engineering and delivery of the stage 1 internal reinforced concrete structures of
the Bromford Tunnel Intermediate Shaft.

Full details and specifications will be provided to the successfully shortlisted suppliers. Suppliers should be aware of the scale of this project and should assess their internal capabilities to be able to carry out the intended scope of works, prior to completing this expression of interest (EOI).
When selecting a supplier BBV look for alignment of values, behaviors and cultures, between ourselves and our supply chain. BBV and HS2 have aligned their values to the following:
* Integrity
* Leadership
* Respect
* Safety

In order to achieve a successful project outcome we have published a manifesto of our guiding principles, which include:
* Making HS2 affordable
* Delivering on promises
* We build with people in mind
* Delivering more than a railway
* Achieving more together
* Creative and challenging

Successfully shortlisted supplier's will be those with verifiable experience, and the appropriate capacity ,resources and technical ability to deliver the scope of works. Supplier's may then be invited to the project, to formally demonstrate their experience and capabilities. As an alternative phone/webinar interviews may be conducted.

On selection, shortlisted supplier's will be issued with a formal pre-qualification and/or Invitation to Tender (ITT) to demonstrate their ability to work with these values and behaviors in mind, whilst proving their demonstration of capabilities and competence.

BBV is a joint venture between Balfour Beatty Group and VINCI Group. Balfour Beatty VINCI is a long established joint venture between two global leaders in the delivery of critical Infrastructure and Highways Projects, such as the channel tunnel, crossrail, M4/M5/M6 Smart Motorway projects and HS2 main works civil contract for the north.

More about BBV:
* VINCI is the largest contractor in the world
* Balfour Beatty is the largest contractor in the UK
* BBV have been working together for the past 30 years, their first project being the channel tunnel.

For more information please visit our website www.balfourbeattyvinci.co.uk

Tender categories (products & services required)

Construction work for tunnels, shafts and subways (CPV 45221200)
Construction work for tunnels (CPV 45221240)
Railway tunnel construction work (CPV 45221242)
Tunnelling works (CPV 45221247)
Tunnel linings construction work (CPV 45221248)


West Midlands (UKG)

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