Satellite Navigation tenders for all regions of the UK

Satellite navigation tenders from hundreds of UK sources. Get your up-to-date satellite navigation tenders here.

Altrincham: Global navigation and positioning systems (GPS or equivalent)

PFA invites organisations to participate in a 60 month DPS for Lone worker devices and vehicle trackers DPS. The DPS will be accessible by members of PFA.

HMNB Portsmouth: Purchase of a Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracker Capabilitywith 5 years Subscriptions and Maintenance

Notice of award of contract FLEET/00708 – Purchase of a Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracker Capability with 5 years Subscriptions and Maintenance

Peterborough: Supply of Satellite Tags for Hen Harrier Southern Reintroduction Project

This proposal is specifically for purchase of satellite tags to be attached to all released birds in 2018. The high resolution GPS tags will track ……

Edinburgh: GB-Edinburgh: GMDSS MF/HF Radio System

Supply and install replacement GMDSS systems on NLV Pole Star to be compliant with IMO Sea Area A3. All applicants are required to attend a site visit on ……

London: SLaMT2017-033 GPS Patient Monitoring Service

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust are currently looking for a supplier to provide equipment and support/maintenance for a GPS Patient ……

Bristol: DSTL Project Support – Technical and Security Advice for APS (DSTL Support to GPS PO)

UK forces require precise position, velocity and time (PVT) information for a variety of applications including navigation, targeting, guidance, ……

Cobham Antenna

Purchase of Cobham Antenna for GPS Project Office testing

Bristol: For the supply of 50 Larsen and Brusgaard Optima 2 Audible Altimeter

Procurement of 50 Larsen and Brusgaard Optima 2 Audible Alitmeters

Exeter: Meteorological instruments

Argo is an array of around 3 000 profiling floats that provide observations from the global oceans. The Met Office wishes to place Framework agreements to ……

Swindon: UK SBS PR17037 VSAT Satellite Communication Provision for Research Vessels

THE CLOSING DATE FOR THIS TENDER IS 25th JULY 2017 AT 14:00. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY DIRECT TO THE BUYER. The National Oceanography Centre in Southampton ……