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OHP HMCTS Construction Southampton Comb Ct Replacement of MEP Plant
OHP HMCTS Construction Southampton Comb Ct Replacement of MEP Plant

UK SBS FM17148 Provision of Pressure Systems Examination at NOC Southampton 2017 - 2020
CLOSING TIME FOR BIDS IS 27/10/2017 AT 14:00 HOURS. DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE BUYER. To provide pressure systems examinations, as due, of all...

Southampton: Trolleys
BP Southampton are seeking a supplier to provide a rolling program to replace existing passenger trolleys.

Southampton: Recruitment services
Ordnance Survey (OS) is the national mapping agency for Great Britain, and a world-leading geospatial data and technology organisation. As a reliable...

Southampton: Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis
The MCA wishes to commission a study into the risks presented by, and to, shipping within the UK EEZ and to assess the availability and adequacy of any...

Southampton: Health services
The requirement is to let a tender on behalf of Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust for a decontamination / sterilisation service.

Southampton: Guidance and counselling services
Southampton City Council currently have 2 providers delivering Adults and Children Carer's Support Services. This contract is for a single provider to...

Southampton: Software package and information systems
Provision, implementation, maintenance and support of a software solution for the management of the University's apprenticeship programme, including...

Dell Laptops to NHS Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG
NHS South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit (SCW) have awarded a contract for Dell laptops to Dell Corporation Ltd on behalf of NHS Hampshire,...

Southampton Branded Energy Company
The procurement will run from 09:00, 27th November 2017 1.1 Southampton City Council ("the Council") wants to establish a local energy tariff scheme to...

Southampton: Health services
This is a contract award notice for the provision of local Healthwatch service for Southampton.

Southampton: Hydrographic surveying services
This tender is for the collection of wave characterisation data at Pevensey Bay, Sussex.

GB-Southampton: International Emergency Response Support
NOTE: This notice was updated on 01 June 2020 for the following reason: Correct link to access this tender is...

Southampton: Advertising and marketing services
As part of OS’ ongoing growth plans, we have ambitious plans to take OS Maps international, using in-country mapping data, to bring this service to...

Southampton: Welfare services not delivered through residential institutions
Southampton City Council (the ‘Council’) has undertaken a review into the current provision of housing related support for young people which provides...

Southampton: Buses and coaches
Supported bus service in Southampton.

Management of Markets in Southampton
Southampton City Council are looking to appoint a supplier for the management of two markets in Southampton. Lot 1: 10 months (Jan '20 - Oct...

Southampton: Transport services (excl. Waste transport)
The Southampton Radiopharmacy Department is a supplier of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and treatment purposes to Nuclear Medicine departments and...

University of Southampton Provision of a GCxGC and GC High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Solution
The purpose of this procurement is to obtain strategic equipment, in the form of multi-inlet gas chromatography and high resolution mass spectrometry....

Dementia Friendly Communities Southampton
Co-ordination of Dementia Friendly Communities in Southampton. The outcomes expected from this service are: Increase awareness and sustainability of...

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