Bid Library – what do you need in your tender bid library?

Bid Library

Building a bid library can be a time-consuming business that you keep putting off till you get a quiet period. But the reality is that the quiet period never seems to come along and you’ll end up scrambling around trying to build your library at the worst possible time – when you are writing a bid. This leads to poor quality information both in your library and in your tender submission; poor information will inevitable set you up for a fail.

So, wouldn’t it be nice when you’re up against a tight deadline, to know that you have current and compliant information stored safely away to help you answer the questions in hand? Yes? Then get this job on your list of priorities and start working on it today!

There are a number of requirements that appear in nearly every tender. By creating a library of information to draw from you will be able to spend more time customising your responses to make sure they meet/exceed the specification and evaluation criteria.

So, what do you need in your tender library?

  • Executive summary of your company
  • Policies – Make sure that these are up-to-date and have been reviewed within the last 2 months
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials
  • References – including full contact details and a short description of the job undertaken and its value
  • Last 3 year’s accounts
  • Current insurance certificates
  • Copies of certificates for any memberships/accreditations
  • Profiles of all the key members of your team – including relevant qualifications, length of service, experience and an overview of their CV
  • Organograms such as a company organisation chart
  • Sample service level agreement (demonstrating your proposed KPIs)
  • Sample implementation plan i.e Gantt chart showing the individual steps that will take undertaking a new contract.