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Leeds: Yorkshire Highway Alliance Road Markings Contract 2018 – 2020

Yorkshire Highway Alliance Road Markings Contract 2018 – 2020

Darlington: 569334 – Area 14 Network-wide Road Markings and Studs Retro-Reflectivity Survey

Retro-Reflectivity survey of road markings and studs, including those at junctions, on the Area 14 network.

Carlisle: Provision of Road Marking Works

This opportunity is available via the Chest – Cumbria County Council if looking for an approved list of approved contractors to ……

Preston: Hot Screed Applied Surface Treatment / Anti-Skid / Superimposed Roadmarkings and Roadstuds.

Hot Screed Applied Surface Treatment / Anti-Skid / Superimposed Road markings and Road studs.

Morpeth: SPS00130 Provision of Road Marking and Anti-Skid Surfacing

The Contracting Authority is looking to appoint a contractor to undertake the provision of Road Markings and Anti Skid Surfacing across all 4 Authority ……

Birmingham: Transforming road markings competition

Highways England is sponsoring a research project in relation to road markings. We are inviting companies to submit their solutions for a road marking ….

REDCAR: Road marking requirements

Road marking requirements on an as and when basis across the borough. Award under NEPO highway surfacing framework

Road Resurfacing,Roundabout Alterations,Pothole Repairs and Associated Road Markings and Signage at Cheltenham Cemetry and Crematorium

Cheltenham Borough Council Property Services are proposing to undertake road resurfacing, roundabout alterations, pothole repairs & associated road ……

Oldham: Oldham Borough Wide Road Markings 2018/2019

The project includes the renewal of road markings predominantly on the principal and secondary road network throughout the borough.

Bristol: SW region Road Markings & Road Stud Retro-Reflectivity Survey

Road Markings & Road Studs Traffic Speed Retro-Reflectivity Survey. To include all markings/studs within the confines of the highway boundary. ……

Dorchester: Framework for the Supply of Road Marking Materials

The Council require a range of road marking materials to support its highway maintenance function. This comprise of thermoplastic road marking paint and ……

Dundee: Road-surfacing materials

The Supply of Roads Maintenance Services, such as: Surfacing and Planing; Re-Instatement; Proprietary Processes; Road Markings; Surface Dressing; Road ….

Stoke-on-Trent: Road Markings call off framework

To set up a 4 year framework for the provision of road markings, for both renewals and new road marking schemes as identified throughout the City. This ……