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Hamilton: Storage and warehousing services
The Council requires to establish a framework agreement to provide furniture and personal belongings removal, storage, redelivery and disposal for...

Hamilton: Burglar and fire alarms
The contract comprises all inspections:

Hamilton: Administrative housing services
South Lanarkshire Council is looking to procure the services of a suitably experienced external provider for the management of a service that will provide...

Hamilton Parts for Repurposing of Liquid handlers
Hamilton Additional Parts for Repurposing machines

Hamilton: Heating engineering services for buildings
The work comprises the servicing and maintenance of South Lanarkshire Council (SLC) Building Energy Management System (BEMS) installations to ensure:

Hamilton: Site preparation work
The Council are commencing a programme for new build social housing and Nursery provision. The delivery of the Council’s programme shall require the...

Hamilton: Repair and maintenance services
Framework Agreement for the Provision of Vehicle Body, Mechanical and Electrical Repairs Including Ad-hoc Repairs.

Hamilton: Heating equipment
The provision of temporary heating appliances in the event of heating failure in public buildings.

Hamilton: Weather-forecasting services
The Services are the provision of a highly accurate and reliable road weather forecasting and consultancy service to aid all roads authorities in the...

Hamilton: Grounds maintenance services
South Lanarkshire Council is inviting offers from suitably qualified contractors for the provision of a range of Grounds maintenance Materials to be used...

Hamilton: Maintenance services of telecommunications equipment
The Supply, Maintenance and Monitoring of Network Hardware and Ad-hoc Procurement of IP Handsets.

Hamilton: Health and social work services
South Lanarkshire Council are seeking to appoint an experienced provider of a Domestic Abuse Service in the South Lanarkshire area. The Domestic Abuse...

Hamilton: Funeral services
South Lanarkshire Council is committed to working with our funeral director colleagues to provide a high standard of bereavement services to our...

Hamilton: Taxi services
The Council is obligated under Section 51 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 (as amended) and the Education Additional Support for Learning Act...

CA9690 - MAINT6481 - RFL - Hamilton ventilators 2 year maintenance contract
Hamilton ventilators 2 year maintenance contract To access this competition: Registered: Login to https://suppliers.multiquote.com and view the...

Hamilton: Education and training services
South Lanarkshire Council is seeking to establish a multi Lot, multi provider Procured Services Arrangement (PSA). The aim of the PSA is to allow SLC...

Hamilton: IT software development services
SEEMiS Group LLP (‘SEEMiS’)is a Limited Liability Partnership owned and managed by Scotland's 32 local authorities. SEEMiS is seeking to co-develop a...

Hamilton: Gully cleaning services
The council has an ongoing requirement for the disposal/recycling of Gully Waste, street sweepings and general road construction materials for use by...

Hamilton: Maintenance of information technology software
Software service, management, maintenance and support for a specific, embedded Exor Roads Network Management system.

Hamilton: Health and social work services
The Council is looking to operate a Framework Agreement for the purchase of Care at Home and Housing Support for Adults and Children. Full details can be...

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