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BPSQ 052 - Property Management Lead for Red Rose Shopping Centre, Lower Parade, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1XX - AWARD
Property Services are seeking a supplier for the provision of a property management lead to manage the Red Rose Shopping Centre located at Lower Parade...

GB-Sutton Coldfield: RAF Scampton
To undertake Ground Water Monitoring at RAF Scampton for the period 2019 to 2020.

GB-Sutton Coldfield: Land Quality Assessment, Dhekelia, Cyprus
Ton undertake a Phase One Land Quality Assessment at Dhekelia, Cyprus.

Sutton Coldfield: Architectural and related services
The innovative design of a Learning Resource Centre for Bishop Vesey's Grammar School to RIBA Stage 4 to ensure Performance Specified Work for a JCT...

12906 - Demolition and associated Works of 1 - 29 Poplar Avenue, Sutton Coldfield, B75 6HT and 43 Withy Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield, B75 6HS - AWARD
Acivico (Building Consultancy) Ltd on behalf of Birmingham City Council invites organisations to be considered to receive tender documentation for the...

BPN / Sutton Coldfield - Application of Herbicides - AWARD
Birmingham City Council requires a supplier for the Application of Herbicides. This contract will be for a period of 1 year commencing 8th...

GB-Sutton Coldfield: Eastriggs and Browhouses LQA 2018
To undertake Land Quality Assessment Works at Eastriggs and Browhouses 2018

GB-Sutton Coldfield: DIO Strategic Design Advisor
DIO Strategic Design Advisor

GB-Sutton Coldfield: Five Sites Phase One LQA
To undertake package of 5 Sites LQA Assessments.

GB-Sutton Coldfield: Chatham and Warminster
To Undertake Chatham LLWS and Warminster Boiler House LQA Phase 1 & Phase

GB-Sutton Coldfield: FTS5/DIO/104
NOTE: This notice was updated on 26 June 2018 for the following reason: Amendment to title header of this notice.To undertake MoD Airfields Measured...

GB-Sutton Coldfield: Assurance Monitoring
As part of DIO Technical Services Assurance Programme, the Contractor is to undertake 2 No. rounds of ground water and where applicable, surface water...

Sutton Coldfield: School catering services
The successful supplier will be required to provide catering services for Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls:

GB-Sutton Coldfield: RAF Marham
To undertake FATS Task for RAF Marham Groundwater Monitoring

GB-Sutton Coldfield: Kingsdown Rifle Range
To undertake FATS Task for Land Quality and UXO Liability Assessments for Kingsdown Rifle Range

GB-Sutton Coldfield: Feltham Oil Spillage
To undertake Feltham Oil Spillage Phase 2 LQA

GB-Sutton Coldfield: MoD Airfields Measured Height Surveys
MoD Airfields Measured Height Surveys - Package B

GB-Sutton Coldfield: MoD Measured Heights Survey Programme
MoD Airfields Measured Height Surveys - Package C 2017-2018

GB-Sutton Coldfield: UXO PRA's and DRA's
FATS5 Task to Undertake UXO Preliminary Risk Assessments and Detailed Risk Assessments for Westdown Camp,Knook Camp, Brunswick, Longmoor Training Area,...

GB-Sutton Coldfield: Blandford Camp LQA
FATS Task for Blandford Camp, Review of LQA and Additional Phase 2 LQA.

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