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CEFAS: Provision of 4 x Laminar Flow Cabinets for Weymouth laboratory
Cefas require 4 Laminar Flow Cabinets for our Weymouth laboratory, to be compatible with other laboratory equipment on site.

GB-Weymouth: Cefas RFQ for a histology slide writer
FOR FULL DETAILS VISIT: https://www.delta-esourcing.com/respond/36638GVY74 The writer should be able to handle a variety of slides and print in a...

80 Weymouth Road - Single Storey Extension
Construct single storey extension adjoining RHS flank wall. To be of flat roof, Brick/Block cavity walls. Construction to have en suite Disable adapted...

To design, manufacture, supply and install mooring pontoons and associated fingers to replace the existing ones adjacent to the Town Slipway in Weymouth...

Data Quality (Corporate Project - Capital Bid-contract for Digitisation Work Stream ) for West Dorset District Council and Weymouth & Portland Borough Council
This contract forms part of the the work re Capital Bid Data Quality - Land Charges 55,901 Fiche for West Dorset District Council and 30,299 Weymouth &...

GB-Weymouth: Cefas RFQ to provide a Tissue Processor to Cefas
FOR FULL DETAILS VISIT: https://www.delta-esourcing.com/respond/9QY2386X22 1 x tissue processor. •The tissue processor should...

CEFAS21-63 RFQ Analytical Servicing Contract- Weymouth
Cefas has a requirement to renew the service contract for our Agilent and Gilson analytical instruments located at our Weymouth...

GB-Weymouth: Refurbishment & Fire Compartmentation Remedial Works at Littlemoor Health Centre, Weymouth
Refurbishment and Fire Compartmentation Remedial Works at Littlemoor Health Centre, Weymouth.

Insurance Services for Weymouth Town Council (2020-2023)
Weymouth Town Council is tendering for insurance services (excluding broking services) for the period 2020 to 2023. Insurers who cannot bid for the...

Weymouth Rail line disposal
As part of planned rail safety works alongside Weymouth harbour at Commercial Road, the existing rail lines which are flush with the road surface are...

HMLR Weymouth offices external repairs and decorations (brise-soleil work)
HMLR Weymouth offices: external repairs and decorations (brise-soleil work).

Concrete Repairs to Weymouth Stone Pier
Concrete repairs to Weymouth Stone Pier to areas where structure is showing signs of degradation. This was procured using the Coastal Engineering Minor...

GB-Weymouth: Molecular reagent purchases
Purchase of molecular reagents.

Weymouth Harbour Wall Condition Survey 2018-19
Weymouth & Portland Borough Council (WPBC) would like to acquire a detailed asset condition survey for WPBC responsible Harbour walls in Weymouth....

GB-Weymouth: Sequencing for CoV-2
Sequencing services for 100-200 SARS-CoV-2 RNA samples per week. Service to include RT-PCR, miniprep and sequencing

Office Furniture (Weymouth)
151x desks for Weymouth Refurbishment project.

GB-Weymouth: Replacement of Hot Water and Heating Plant at Weymouth Community Hospital
The replacement of the dental, admin and kitchen areas domestic hot water and heating plant at Weymouth Community Hospital.

Replace Boilers, Air Cooled Chillers, Fan Coiled Units and Air Handling Units at Weymouth CEFAS Site
To undertake replacement Boilers, Air Cooled Chillers, Fan Coiled Units and Air Handling Units at Weymouth CEFAS Site

GB-Weymouth: DA- Instrument yearly maintenance
Regular maintenance of Molecular Biology's Qiagen Instruments in order to maintain the agreement.

GB-Weymouth: Atrium Roof Replacement at Westhaven Hospital
Works to the existing atrium roof at Westhaven Hospital, Weymouth.

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