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  • British Library Contract - £100,000 to £500,000
  • Wolverhampton City Council Contract - £400,000
  • University of Bath Contract - £1,025,000
  • Norfolk County Council Contract - £350,000
  • Anchor Hanover Group Contract
  • Cafcass Contract - £50,000
  • Kent County Council (T/A Procurement Services) Contract - £20,000,000
  • Translink Contract - £540,000
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    Body Worn Video Equipment Licences, Maintenance and Support

    Body Worn Video Equipment, Licences, Maintenance and Support 15 June 2024 - 14 June 2025

    Winner: Translink

    Bodyworn Video Cameras

    This contract is for the support of mandatory use of Bodyworn Video Cameras and provide the ongoing services required to do this. equip all operational...

    Winner: Translink

    Secure Video Recording Software

    Communication tool between patient and department staff, uploading of videos to help diagnosis

    Winner: Translink

    Mbacc 24/25 Co-Design Video and Event Facilitation Professional Consultancy Services

    GMCA looked to procure a design support to help the Education, Work and Skills Directorate to design and communicate the proposed 'Year 1' of...

    Winner: Translink

    Video Identification Parade System for South Yorkshire Police (VIPER)

    The AWARD of a contract for the provision of a video identification parade system for policing.

    Winner: Translink

    Video Identification Parade System for South Yorkshire Police

    The award of a contract for the provision of a video identification parade system for policing.

    Winner: Translink

    Production of Grant Recipient Case Studies and Short Videos for the Penzance and St Ives Town Deal Enterprise Grant Schemes

    Cornwall Council Directorate of Economic Growth and Development's role is to maximise the potential for the economic growth and development of Cornwall...

    Winner: Translink

    Video production and associated services

    video production

    Winner: Translink

    CCTV Video Management System

    BCP Council is looking for a provider to supply a CCTV Video Management System to link into its 700 public space surveillance cameras. It is anticipated...

    Winner: Translink

    Videography services for Active Travel England

    Videography services for Active Travel England

    Winner: Translink


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