Who Is Writing Your Tenders? Who do you think should produce the tender?

Who Is Writing Your Tenders ?

A juicy tender opportunity comes up, so the question arises: Who do you think should produce the tender?

The most natural thing is to look around the office and choose someone who looks a likely candidate – preferably from the Sales team, as they are supposed to bring in the work.

But is that the only way to do it ? Let’s look at your options.

Option 1: Sales Team

It’s a bit obvious that the sales team would be expected to write tenders. After all, they already write proposals, don’t they? And it fits neatly with the existing structure of your business.

If your sales people can do it, that’s great. Unfortunately, the salesperson’s mindset is not usually one that likes writing documents! So you could be asking someone (or perhaps more than one) to perform a task, which is outside his or her ability.

So, where next?

Option 2: Specialist In-House Team

If you can afford it, having some in-house bidding specialists is a better way to go. These people can still be within the Sales area, but dedicated to producing tenders – perhaps with some proposal writing on the side.

By having dedicated specialists, you are ensuring that they have the specific skills and aptitudes needed for that type of work. It takes the tendering load off the sales people, and is likely to result in a higher win rate than Option 1.

The trouble is that you might not have enough tendering going on to hire even one full time person in this role. And even if you do, their workload can vary wildly, between hardly anything happening and several tenders being needed at once. These factors add to your fixed costs.

What else can be done?

Option 3: Outsource It

The final option is to take those fixed costs and turn them into variable costs. You can simply buy the specialist bid-writing service, as and when you need it, from people like us. No office overheads, no employee management, no concerns about variable tendering workload – sounds great, doesn’t it?

But, as with any outsourcing, you will naturally be concerned about loss of control. And that is why we offer Tender Mentoring. This form of tender writing assistance allows you to remain in control, drafting your own responses whilst at the same time giving you the advantage of having an experienced bid writer review, edit and guide you to enhance your bid. The results are a highly polished, favourable scoring bid and on top of that you go away with newly learned tender writing skills.

Tender mentoring makes for a true long-term partnership. The interaction between you and your mentor will help both parties understand the objectives, outcomes and improvements to maximise the success rate of your tenders.