Make tenders a valuable part of your sales pipeline

Tools and features to help you identify and track the best tenders, share with colleagues, and get advance notice of forthcoming opportunities.

Customised Reports & Data

Easily see which of your tender categories generate the most tenders, see average contract values, and buying trends and much more.

Contract renewals – Get ahead of the Game

The key to winning public sector tenders is early engagement. Identify relevant, soon-to-expire contracts and frameworks so you can start to communicate with the Buyer.

See competitor activity – which tenders have they won

See which tenders your competitors have won, the value of their winning bid, and when the contract expires.

Top Buyers of your products & services

See the most active buyers of your products and services, view buyer profiles, bookmark contract renewals, and create buyer alerts.

Share your account with colleagues

Maybe you’re part of a sales team and want to involve a colleague on a particular tender sales opportunity ? No problem. Easily share your account or export your tenders.

Bidding for tenders is easy

Discover more about today’s simpler and more transparent tender-bidding process and how this particularly benefits SMEs.

Bonus tools to fine-tune your tender management

Create alerts for top buyers, bookmark key live tenders, set reminders, and view private sector projects.

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