How Tenders Work

Over 4000 UK public sector bodies issue tenders including 500+ Councils, Utility Companies (water, gas, electricity), NHS, Clinical Commissiong Groups, Primary Care trusts, BBC, Post Office, Educational Bodies (schools, colleges, universities), Housing Associations, Museums & Art Galleries, Public Transport, Financial Institutions, Police, MOD, Prison Service, Fire Brigades, Charities.

Never Miss a Tender

Using Total Tenders means receiving all of your tenders from just one source. The UK public sector issues tenders via 850+ tender portals. To find and research tender opportunities for your company from so many sources would be a huge, time-consuming task.

Easier to Bid

The tendering process has been made much simpler to encourage more participation from SMEs. Recent changes include

  • Many tenders are now specifically SME friendly
  • PQQs often need only be completed once
  • More framework tenders are available – with multiple winners

Bidding for tenders is often no more difficult than quoting for a decent-sized private sector job.

SMEs Regularly Win Tenders

The Government has stipulated that all UK public sector bodies must now award a minimum of 25% of their tenders to SMEs and Micro businesses. Many local authorities have pledged to increase their business with SMEs even more – recognising the innovation and increased local employment that they can bring.