SMEs Win Tenders

With over 100,000 published every year, tenders should be a prime source of new sales leads for every SME.

Considerable steps have been taken to make the bid process quicker, easier, and more competitive for SMEs.

Government is keen to see more SMEs bid

In 2011 the UK Government announced a minimum target of 25% of tenders be awarded to SMEs.

Furthermore, many local authorities specifically state that their tenders are "SME Friendly".

Tender competition can be surprisingly low

There's a misconception that tenders always attract huge numbers of bids. Not so. It's not uncommon for tenders to attract less than 3 bids.

Simpler and more transparent bid process

Many organisations now require "once only" completion of the initial bid document – instead of the previous multiple form filling.

PQQs (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) and SQs (Selection Questionnaires) are shorter and simpler.

Buyers must inform bidders (on request) why they were unsuccessful – allowing for future bid improvement.

No tender process required

Did you know that on many low value tenders there is no formal tender process at all ? The buyer only requires interested parties to provide a Quote.

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